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Many people are choosing electric showers over the alternatives as they are economical in that they only heat the water you use. All you really need is a cold water supply and you can benefit from an electric shower as you don’t have to wait for the water to heat first. By only heating a small amount of water each time, they will also help you to save money on your electricity bills.

Water never comes into contact with your boiler as this type of shower heats the water inside the shower unit. This is important to point out because if you ever find yourself needing a shower when your boiler isn’t working and have an electric shower you can still benefit from it.

On this website you will learn what to look for when trying to purchase the best electric shower, you will also be able to look at some reviews of our favourite electric showers as well as a selection of interesting and helpful tips about cleaning, fitting, how it actually works, the best brand, whether they are economical or not and whether you should opt for a thermostatic model or an electric one, find which electric shower is for you, now!

Most Popular Electric Showers

 Electric ShowerPowerPrice 
Triton Seville7.5 - 10.5 KW£Latest Price
Triton Martinique9.5 - 10.5 KW££Latest Price
Creda 535575818.5 - 10.5 KW£££Latest Price
Triton Forte8.5-9.5 KW££Latest Price
Bristan GLE1059.5-10.5 KW£££Latest Price

Choosing The Best Electric Shower

Before you part with your cash for an electric shower, you need to make sure you have considered all your options. Once you find a few that you like (there is a list of our favourite 5 further down this page) you should look into them more thoroughly. While doing this look at each on your short-list with regards to the most important features and factors, such as:

  • Price – No matter how much you may like to think it is not, price is always an important factor. As electric showers can be very diverse across the various options available, it is wise to set a budget and then stick to it.
  • Shower-head – Another aspect that is essential to consider is the shower head. Each and every shower head is different and most will offer you a wide choice of spray patterns. It is best to choose one that is adjustable, so you have different options. You should also try to find one that is easy to clean – rubber nozzles are good for this as are swivel heads.
  • Power Rating – You will notice when looking at the various options when it comes to electric showers, there are different power ratings – 7/5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 KW. Showers with higher power ratings are capable of heating a larger volume of water.
  • Water Supply Pressure – It is also important to consider the pressure of your water supply. If you find that your water supply is low then you may need to buy a pumped shower that will help increase the power.

Types Of Electric Shower

After considering the above factors and features you need to decide what type of electric shower is best for you, from the following choice:

  • Electric shower
  • Power shower
  • Mixer shower
  • Digital shower

We have covered what a basic electric shower is and a power shower is very similar with the addition of an integrated pump that will best suit you if your water supply pressure is low.

Mixer showers are capable of working with water systems with high pressure and low pressure. They normally include an automatic shut-down feature that locks into a specific temperature once it is reached.

Digital showers are an eco-conscious version of electric showers and are also generally quite modern looking thanks to the digital LCD screen. This particular type of electric shower also gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility and you can tailor your shower experience to your own specific needs.

Benefits Of An Electric Shower

There are many different benefits to having an electric shower. We have highlighted some of the most important benefits below.

As electric showers work using on-demand style water heating technology, the water is heated up almost instantly and therefore saves time over a traditional boiler warming the water. Additionally it only will heat what you use or need, making it more economical and eco-friendly.

Electric showers hare designed and manufactured to work at a maximum level of efficiency meaning you also get a strong water pressure and better flow. This means you feel cleaner and more refreshed after a much faster shower.
They are incredibly quick and easy to install. However, it is always best to hire professionals because of the strict electrical regulations in place in the UK.

Our Top 5 Best Electric Showers – Which Electric Shower Is For You?

Triton Seville 8.5kW Electric Shower

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Triton Seville 8.5kW Electric Shower ReviewThe Triton Seville 8.5KW is a great value for money electric shower that has a 3 power setting control dial and a temperature selection numbered dial. Along with a light that indicates the shower is on. The showerhead only has one spray pattern, but is easy to clean There are water entry and multi-cable points at the top back bottom left or right to make it easy to install. If you are looking for a reasonably priced electric shower and don’t require a very powerful one, this is one you should consider.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable head


  • Hose length could be longer
  • Interestingly many think it can be too hot and also not warm enough

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Bristan SM295 W Smile 9.5 kW Electric Shower

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Bristan SM295 W Smile 9.5 kW Electric Shower ReviewThis Bristan is made from ABS plastic and gives you instanteanous hot water from the mains supply. A constant temperature is provided and a special device compensates for changes in the pressure caused by various household fittings. It has great safety features such as pressure relief and thermal cut out and 3 power settings for Cold, Warm/Eco and Hot, as well as a separate temperature dial. As the on/off is a rotary dial, your shower settings are never changed from one use to the next. If you are looking for a fairly simple to use shower that provides a little more oomf, this is the one – it’s one of the best power shower’s.


  • Simple to install
  • Same temperature settings every time


  • Lack of choice in spray types

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Triton Martinique 10.5kW Electric Shower

best electric showerMORE: Triton Martinique 10.5kW Electric Shower Full Review

If you have trouble with lime scale from the water supply in your area, this is the shower you might want to consider. It makes use of slimline technology, helping to resist lime scale and features a clever phased shut-down. The showerhead is very versatile and produces 5 different spray patterns, so it should be easy to find one you like. There are 3 power buttons for Cold, Eco and High and a very long riser rail.


  • Showerhead with 5 spray options
  • Indicator for low pressure
  • Limescale defence with Slimline technology
  • Convenient start and stop button
  • Affordable


  • Complaints about the chrome panel
  • May not be as powerful as other 10.5 KW models.

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Bristan GLE105 B 10.5 kW Glee Electric Shower – Best Power Shower

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The Bristan Glee has been designed to take power feeds and water feeds from various angles and entry points to enable it to replace any shower. Strong and robust design and easy to use with three different settings – Cold, One Heater for economy mode and Both. It features a well thought-out temperature dial and while it doesn’t compare to pumped mixer showers the stream is reasonably powerful.


  • Showerhead has three settings
  • Robust build
  • Quite Powerful


  • Can be tricky to install

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GROHE 26179000 NTempesta 100, 9.5 KW Electric Shower

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This shower will suit you if you are looking for sheer indulgence, with three different spray patterns utilising the Grohe DreamSpray technology to ensure an even and powerful jet of water. It has an attractive chrome finish that is also practical as a guard against scratching and there is a protective ShockProof silicone ring around the head to stop it damaging if it falls.


  • Clever design
  • Robust
  • Thee spray settings on showerhead
  • Not too hard to install


  • Could be problematic if you don’t have the required water pressure

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